Orthodox Style Tai Chi Chuan(T'ai-Chi Ch'uan) and
Chi Gong(Qi Gong)
All Japan Soft-Style Martial Arts Federation (AJSMAF) in Tokyo Shibuya

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For Those Interested in Physical
Benefits Leading to Better Health
The Benefits of Tai Chi
The Experiences of Members (NEW!)
Information from the AJSMAF
All about the AJSMAF
Yearly Events of AJSMAF
About Headquarters (Shibuya)
About Branches AJSMAF
For Those Interested in Authentic
Chinese Martial Arts for self-Defense
Tai Chi as a Chinese Martial Art
The Power of Master Wang Shu-chin, The Father of Tai Chi in Japan
Master Wang Shu-chin's Successor: Master Wang Fu-lai
The Successor in Japan:
Master Hidemine Jibiki
What Is Ch'i? What Is a Soft-style Martial Art?
Continued Feature: "The Way to the Soft Arts" (NEW!)

Book Information

"Taikyokuken Zen"
(meaning All About
Tai Chi Chuan(T'ai-Chi Ch'uan))


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